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The Warlock uses his Latex magics to drain energy out of his opponents and put it to use in dramatic displays of firepower.

HP: 30

Defense: 12

Thresh-Hold: 5

Passive Ability: Energy Drain

  • The Warlock gains a power mark for hits on the enemy, up to 10. Power marks are used for certain attacks
  • Between battles, 1d4 power marks drain out of the Warlock.
  • The Warlock may spend 1 power mark at any time to remove 'StrippedNo Clothing Buffs, +2 Damage' condition.


Name Type Dice Marks Description
Latex Lash Melee Attack 2d4 +1 Swipe at an opponent with a rubbery crop. +1 to hit.
Latex Surge Spell Attack 1d6, -2 to hit +1 per hit Throw a wave of latex over up to two enemies! One hit roll is made against both enemies' defense.
Latex Dive Melee Attack 1d6 +1 per hit Throw yourself into a group of enemies to hit them with a latex wave. Target up to 3 enemies, grants those enemies a hit bonus equal to the number of targets against you for one turn.
Inner Power Self Buff +1 to hit for 3 turns +1 Focus on your power, drawing from within to increase your chance to hit. May not be cast again until it wears off.
Absorb Energy Self Buff +1 to damage per mark Use 1-5 marks Gain +1 to damage per power mark for three turns.
Absorb Will Spell, Self-Buff N/A Use 1-10 marks Consume all marks to gain 1 HP for each two marks. Excess marks are lost.
Energy Blast Spell Attack,


1d6 plus 1d4 per mark Use 2-4 marks Target an enemy with a powerful energy blast! Must spend next turn recovering, or sacrifice a mark to recover instantly. 3 turn cooldown
Energy Burst Spell AoE,


1d4 per mark Use 2-5 marks Individual attack rolls made against all enemies, deals 1d4 damage per mark to each enemy hit. Warlock is stunned after use. May be used once per battle.

Rank 2 Warlock

Rank 2: +1 to all damage rolls

At Rank 2, the Warlock gains the following stat bonus. In addition, Latex Lash, Latex Surge, latex Dive and Inner power gain +2 power marks instead of +1. Furthermore, Reduce the ammount of marks drained between battles to 1d3 and the warlock may now store up to 20 marks instead of 10

HP: 35

Defense: 13

Thresh-Hold: 6