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The Warlock uses his Latex magics to drain energy out of his opponents and put it to use in dramatic displays of firepower.

HP: 30

Defense: 12

Thresh-Hold: 5

Passive Ability: Energy Drain

  • The Warlock gains a power mark for hits on the enemy, up to 10. Power marks are used for certain attacks
  • Between battles, 1d4 power marks drain out of the Warlock.
  • The Warlock may spend 1 power mark at any time to remove 'StrippedNo Clothing Buffs, +2 Damage' condition.


Name Type Dice Marks Description
Latex Lash Melee Attack 2d4 +1 Swipe at an opponent with a rubbery crop. +1 to hit.
Latex Surge Spell Attack 1d6, -2 to hit +1 per hit Throw a wave of latex over up to two enemies! One hit roll is made against both enemies' defense.
Latex Dive Melee Attack 1d6 +1 per hit Throw yourself into a group of enemies to hit them with a latex wave. Target up to 3 enemies, grants those enemies a hit bonus equal to the number of targets against you for one turn.
Inner Power Self Buff +1 to hit for 3 turns +1 FocusIncrease escape rolls for this binding by the focus value. Decrease escape rolls for all other bindings by the focus value. on your power, drawing from within to increase your chance to hit. May not be cast again until it wears off.
Absorb Energy Self Buff +1 to damage per mark Use 1-5 marks Gain +1 to damage per power mark for three turns.
Absorb Will Spell, Self-Buff N/A Use 1-10 marks Consume all marks to gain 1 HP for each two marks. Excess marks are lost.
Energy Blast Spell Attack,


1d6 plus 1d4 per mark Use 2-4 marks Target an enemy with a powerful energy blast! Must spend next turn recovering, or sacrifice a mark to recover instantly. 3 turn cooldown
Energy Burst Spell AoE,


1d4 per mark Use 2-5 marks Individual attack rolls made against all enemies, deals 1d4 damage per mark to each enemy hit. Warlock is stunned after use. May be used once per battle.

Rank 2 Warlock

Rank 2: +1 to all damage rolls

At Rank 2, the Warlock gains the following stat bonus. In addition, Latex Lash, Latex Surge, latex Dive and Inner power gain +2 power marks instead of +1. Furthermore, Reduce the ammount of marks drained between battles to 1d3 and the warlock may now store up to 20 marks instead of 10

HP: 35

Defense: 13

Thresh-Hold: 6